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Brand:Bigelow Tea
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It's no big secret that I love peppermint, given that it pops up in my review docket almost as profusely as it does as a weed in cooler parts of the nation. As noted in one of my other reviews of a peppermint tea (Stash), it's hard, but possible, to screw up this herb as a tea.

Bigelow didn't screw this up. Their version has a clean, straightforward, unadulterated peppermint aroma and taste with more menthol than most bagged peppermint teas. It's not the strongest I've had, but very soothing and smooth--and highly recommended for those who like to toss a bit o'peppermint in to flavor another tea. My guess is that they process a lot of it rather quickly, and keep it fresh without lengthy storage times that would further evaporate the organic volatiles.

Breaking open the used bag, I saw few, if any, stems. The predominance of shredded, relatively fresh dried leaves likely also contributes to the extrusion of more essential oil to the top of the brew than most other brands, giving the surface something of a sheen or mint-oil slick. That's a good thing, telling you this tea hasn't been cheapened by filler such as lower-oil stems or non-mint material. This is a keeper.

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