Tea: China Jasmine Green Tea

A Jasmine Tea from Foojoy

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Style:Jasmine Tea
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Review of China Jasmine Green Tea

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Weak Jasmine aroma, even relative to other teabag Jasmine teas. Flavor is sweet, gentle, with almost no bitterness and with only a hint of sourness. Aroma is honeylike, like a pouchong, but weak and not terribly interesting.

This tea scalds very easily if brewed with water that is too hot. Be sure to use water well below the boiling point. I find it works well to brew for 2 minutes for a light cup, or 3 or more minutes for a richer cup.

Like Foojoy's other teas, I find this to be a great deal...it's so inexpensive, and it's not good. But it's also not really a top-notch tea...it's just as good as you can get in teabags for this price. The one thing that stands out about this particular Foojoy tea is its sweetness. It's hard to find teas that are naturally this sweet without spending more money and buying loose tea.

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