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I took the dégustation comparée (comparative tasting) of three green teas of a higher quality. This is one of the three I was served.
I got a zhong with dry leaves in it, a small cup, and a thermos of water.
I was recommended to finish with this tea, so I tasted this one last.

The leaves are very dark green and look fine and powdery.
First steeping (15 sec.): Strong vegetal aroma, but the flavour is very different from any tea I've had before. It tastes savoury.
Second steeping (20 sec.): Lovely lime green liqueur, the aroma is still there. There's a hint of bitter now but in a pleasant way. It's still vegetal.
Third steeping (20 sec.): The colour is undiminished and the leaves have unfolded to many times their size when dry. It tastes more bitter and less vegetal.
Fourth steeping (20 sec.): It still has the same colour. It tastes fresh and even more bitter, but less flavourful.
Fifth steeping (25 sec.): The colour is slightly lighter but still not yellowing. (Enjoyment of the colour is important to me.) Sweet and bitter.
Sixth steeping (25 sec.): Very sweet, the bitterness is fading. It has a minty aftertaste.

At this point I ran out of water again and didn't dare ask for more another time.

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