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Last Updated: Jan. 13, 2014 

About Kabusecha

Brewed cup of tea with golden-green color top left, dish with dark green loose-leaf tea lower rightKabusecha, Japanese Green Tea, Loose-leaf , Photo © Shizuha (Wikimedia Commons), CC BY-SA 3.0.
Kabusecha(被せ茶), meaning "covered tea", is a Japanese green tea, a type of sencha which is partially shaded for a brief period before harvesting, in a manner similar to how gyokuro is produced. Gyokuro is shaded for a considerably longer time-period.

Accordingly, kabusecha tends to have a darker, more vibrant green color than most sencha, but not quite as much as gyokuro. The price also tends to be intermediate between the gyokuro and lower-grade senchas.

Kabusecha is often described as being sweeter and less bitter and astringent than most sencha.

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65 / 100
Picture of Kabuse Cha

Kabuse Cha from Unami

Style: Kabusecha – Region: Japan
Jul. 1st, 2017

I took the dégustation comparée (comparative tasting) of three green teas of a higher quality. This is one of the three I was served.
I got a zhong with dry leaves in it, a small cup, and a thermos of water.
I was recommended to finish with this tea, so I tasted this one last.

The leaves are very dark green and ...

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87 / 100
Picture of Standard Gyokuro Tea

Standard Gyokuro Tea from Kurihara Tea

Style: Kabusecha – Region: Fukuoka, Japan
Mar. 24th, 2014

The aroma is very green, like fresh grass and moisture, an odd description, but it reminded me of the way cut grass smells after a brief rain storm. There is also a touch of nuttiness and sweetness with an end note of sweet peas.

The taste is a bit grassy and sweet like stone fruit, there is a touch of fresh kelp an...

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Picture of Kabuse Cha

Kabuse Cha

1 Rating
Picture of Standard Gyokuro Tea

Standard Gyokuro Tea

Brand:Kurihara Tea
Region:Fukuoka, Japan
1 Rating

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