Review of 'Wu Yi' Water Fairy Oolong

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While I'm not normally a fan of "fake" teas, I'm eager to try ones that are honestly presented as imitating styles originating in other regions.

Aroma is very toasty, more like roasted Yerba Mate than other roasted teas. Nutty and earthy, with a sweet aftertaste that lingers. There is actually a lot of complexity in the aroma, but it's hard to put into words. Perhaps Upton has been overzealous in noting "nuances of honeysuckle, citrus, and peach"--I'm not feeling that...but I still find that this is a full-bodied, smooth, flavorful cup.

This tea also holds its flavor through multiple infusions. After a single 4-minute infusion in a mug, I made a second 7-minute infusion that was almost as strong as the first: it also still has the sweet aftertaste and pleasing finish. I have not tried brewing it gong fu style (the sample is pretty small so I may not have an opportunity to do this) but I imagine this tea would work very well for that.

I also felt quite well after drinking it. And it's moderately priced...inexpensive relative to other oolongs of this complexity. And I can't emphasize the connection to Yerba Mate strongly enough...if you like the aroma and lingering sweet aftertaste of roasted Yerba Mate, you might find many of the same characteristics in this tea.

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