Tea: Black Tea - Extra Strong - Assam

An Assam from Tea India

Picture of Black Tea - Extra Strong - Assam
Brand:Tea India
Region:Assam, India
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Review of Black Tea - Extra Strong - Assam

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I found this tea at an Indian market. It cost $9 for a kilo in an airtight bag. It's a CTC tea. It has little aroma in the bag. I brewed it for 5 minutes. It came out clear and deep red. It produced a brew with slight aroma and mild flavor, just a bit of bitterness. Not a bad taste, but nothing particularly good. It will definitely wake you up.

I purchased this before discovering the great teas available online. I've only brewed a couple of pots of this tea as my cabinet now has some very good teas to choose from, but for someone on a budget there'd be nothing wrong with this tea.

Edit: upon further review I've bumped this up a notch. It's not bad, some astringency for sure, but it kicks like a mule.

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