Review of Yunnan Flowery Orange Pekoe

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This tea smells similar to Simon Lévelt's Ruhuna Orange Pekoe. The leaves are more colourful, with many golden tones, but the aroma has a similar strong dried fruit quality. However, I don't think I'd describe it as plums, exactly. Raisins come to mind, or rather, a kind of spicy raisin cake.

The liqueur tastes very sweet and fruity, but I think I definitely understand that this tea is supposed to taste peppery. It's far, far better than I remember it! I recall that at first I thought it smelled and tasted exactly the same as Ruhuna Orange Pekoe, but now I can perceive the difference. Maybe my taste has matured since almost a year ago.

I'm currently trying to clear out some of the black teas in my collection, since I have way too many of them, but it's not going so well given that I drink almost exclusively green tea these days. This one might have a chance of being finished, however. I don't think I'll buy more of it, at least not right away, but I'll certainly remember this tea after I run out. And until then, I'll enjoy!

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