Tea: Milky Oolong

A Milky Oolong from Het Gouden Randje

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Brand:Het Gouden Randje
Style:Milky Oolong
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I drank this in Het Gouden Randje's tearoom.

It smelled sweet and creamy, and almost like custard. Definitely like vanilla. I was amazed with how the clear liquor tasted and felt milky. It's soft and sweetish.
It actually reminds me of a cheap artificial-vanilla-flavoured bagged tea that I used to drink years ago, but this is softer and gentler. It leaves a thick, milky mouthfeel afterward, but as I swallowed, I tasted something pleasantly sharper or rougher (although it's possible I burned my tongue and that's where that flavour came from).

A very warm and sweet tea! I was very tempted to buy some to take home and get to know a bit better.

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