Tea: Green Tea Jasmine Petals

A Jasmine Tea from Lipton Tea

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Brand:Lipton Tea
Style:Jasmine Tea
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Review of Green Tea Jasmine Petals

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After having a better-quality loose leaf jasmine tea I decided to try this again. Now, it's possible that the aroma and flavour have been... affected by sitting forgotten in the back of a cupboard for over a year.

The tea sachets don't smell like jasmine (anymore), but the brewed tea does, kind of. But more like bubble gum that De Theefabriek's Jasmijn does. Sweeter, but fainter. The tea has an unpleasant dark brown colour even though I really didn't steep it for that long with with too hot water. It tastes thin and watery and a bit bitter/sour. There is a hint of jasmine, but really not that great.
Still, I have to say the jasmine aroma is quite similar to that of De Theefabriek's Jasmijn tea. So I suppose it's quite decent for store-bought tea sachets.

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