Tea: Yunnan (Green)

A Green Tea from De Theefabriek

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Brand:De Theefabriek
Style:Green Tea
Region:Yunnan, China
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Even before I brewed this, the colour of the leaves reminded me of Vietnamese green teas: olive green with some grey and white leaves. The aroma and the colour of the liqueur also reminded me of Vietnamese green teas.
The aroma and flavour made me think of Simon Lévelt's Yen Bai Groen and a brandless tea called Vietnam FOP at first, and more of the latter than the former because this one isn't that sweet. However, I realised that it actually tastes very much like Pin Ho Jade also sold by De Theefabriek. I'll have to drink some more of this and various other teas to better compare them. However, I think this is a bit less sweet than Pin Ho Jade and less bitter than the brandless Vietnamese green tea (which I like less). Anyway, I'll probably be adjusting the rating and possibly editing the review as I go along.

This is not too much of a surprise as I have seen some Vietnamese tea compared to Yunnan teas. And after all, Yunnan is on the Vietnamese border and very close to the Vietnamese provinces which I know as tea producing regions; Yên Bái and Thái Nguyên.

This is very much the kind of green tea I love with the sweet aftertaste and that typical Vietnamese green tea aroma/flavour that I find so hard to describe: Grassy? Spicy? Umami? It's not a faint hint in the background but strongly present somewhere in the middle. It always allows subtler aromas do their thing around it, though.
The third steeping is still very decent.
Anyway, this very much appeals to my taste so I'm giving it a high rating. It's a lot like my favourite tea, but that might not work in its favour: If it's not distinctive enough, there's not really a place for it beside Pin Ho Jade.

EDIT: Now I knew what to expect, I paid more attention the second time. There's some vegetal greenness in it that I love in teas like UNAMI's Xin Chang Long Jing and Het Gouden Randje's Korea Jeju OP, but that just feels kind of out of place to me in this tea. It does fit in well as a part of the whole but I'm not a fan of the combination with the aforementioned strong but hard-to-name flavour.

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