Tea: English Breakfast

An English Breakfast from Benner Tea Co

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Brand:Benner Tea Co
Style:English Breakfast
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Review of English Breakfast

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This tea isn't super great, but it's definitely not the worst thing. The price is pretty good, $1.20 for a box of 20 bags. However, there are teas that are the same price but are much better quality.

The flavor was decent for the first couple of sips, it had a sort of floral taste. Quickly though, my mouth began to dry out because of how astringent the tea is. The tea started tasting more soapy than floral and it had a mild tangy aftertaste. There was barely a smell when I opened the package and the brewed tea didn't have much of a smell either.

I wouldn't buy this tea again, however if someone gave it to me for free, I probably would end up drinking it, because at least it's not as bad as Lipton.

Edit: I wrote this review as I was tasting the tea on an empty stomach. Minutes after writing this, I began to feel extremely nauseous and I actually threw up a little. I don't know exactly why I reacted like that, but it most likely has to do with the fact that I'm very sensitive to tannins. Having too much tannins can make me feel nauseous, especially on an empty stomach. I often feel nauseous after having strong coffee, but I've never felt this bad after having tea before. This one must have just been too harsh for me. Because of this experience, I have to move my rating from a 40, down to a 30. I would not drink this again.

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