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I tried a peach tea that has some artificial flavoring. Here's what happened.

[Sorry, clickbait haters...couldn't resist...first, a backstory...]

For several years, my wife has used this, in combination with at least two other brands of peach tea and some black tea, to make a thoroughly delicious peachy iced tea ideal for summertime consumption. So I decided to try "Perfect Peach" alone as a hot tea. How much of that goodness arose from here?

Perhaps the better question is: how did the artificial part of this tea's peach flavoring (it also uses real peach pieces) get masked so effectively by the other teas? I ask because, while definitely not a weak tea in aroma or flavor, I can tell that something is a little "off" -- not repulsively so, but still noticeable, as a faintly metallic or antiseptic layer different than any peach I've eaten, and which lingers and magnifies in the aftertaste. Perhaps that sensitivity to imitation taste results from my frequent consumption of countless fat, juicy, ripe, explode-on-your-face Texas peaches as a kid, straight off a neighbor's tree.

Regardless, it's not a bad tea overall, and fairly easy to ignore the hint of artificiality, especially if you wish to make it into an iced tea for thirsty chugging after mowing the lawn, or simply to sip cold on a breezy summertime front porch in the South.

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