Review of Jasmine Green (Formerly Monkey King)

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My bag of Numi's Jasmine Green came in an assortment box that was priced unusually high (almost 6 bucks at Wal Mart!). The box only contains 16 bags, which leaves the consumer feeling rather taken advantage of, especially at such a cost. Nevertheless, it's a fair and true counterargument if you holler at me, "Look, buddy, you freely chose to buy it, it states 16 bags right there on the label!" That it did, and that I did, wanting to try a variety without having to purchase 16-20 doses of the same flavor. Regardless: be advised that you'll get less tea for more cost this way than with many other brands that allot the customary 20 bags.

As for the tea itself, taste was comparable in strength to the most robust jasmine tea I've tried otherwise (Bigelow). On the label for the wrapper, Numi states the tea is, "scented with organic jasmine flowers", indicating a traditional flower-mixing process (as described by RateTea's page on jasmine tea), instead of the lazier extract-addition method. That's good! So is the tea.

As usual for jasmines so far, the overall grade suffers a little due to weaker aroma, and definitely is dragged down due to the price-per-bag concern noted above. Still, if you like the flavor and can procure this tea at a more reasonable cost, please do. It's a worthy representation of the "jasmine green" style.

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