Tea: Green Tea with Peach

A Fruit Green Tea from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Fruit Green Tea
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Bigelow's peach-flavored green tea pleasantly surprised me. I had rated their "Perfect Peach" herbal blend slightly lower, primarily because of the artificial flavoring that partly tastes that way.

The quality of the green tea seems good, and brews up a rich, deep amber in-cup. Some finely powdered sediment even fell to the bottom, despite the seemingly fine mesh of the bag. While not as strong on the peach component as I'd like, "Green Tea with Peach" is a very pleasant, comfortable, smooth tea that goes down easily, yields no obvious, offputting artificiality, and leaves behind no undesirable aftertaste. Perhaps that is because the ingredients list after green tea shows only "natural peach flavor (soy lecithin)" and peach granules—no artificial flavoring. Why not do the same with "Perfect Peach" in order to make it closer to perfect?

Here, I'm not sure why the natural peach flavor—whatever that is—needs soy lecithin as a vector. Someone more knowledgeable on tea-blending chemistry can enlighten me. Regardless, unless you're bothered by some minuscule dose of soy, this is a good value for a peach-flavored tea. As with most decent peach teas, I bet it also would be satisfying iced.

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