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A Green Tea from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Green Tea
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Several bags of this tea have been sitting around my pantry for up to a year after bringing them home from a professional conference, occasionally consumed either alone or teamed with a bag of peppermint. Finally I'm thinking to rate it!

Where I grew up, a troublesome percentage of fellow youth sniffed glue, paint and even crack. Instead I sniff tea bags. It's less harmful. This tea, in dry form, offered a sweet, mild, pleasantly vegetal odor, like celery. The poured tea and wet bag, by contrast, smelled a bit smoky. That's hard to explain. Yet the taste was like the dry aroma—mild, not strong enough for my preferences even after steeping many minutes, but smooth and pleasant, and somewhat like celery or (since I sweeten my tea) rhubarb. I've certainly found worse conference/office teas! For a mass-produced, bagged green tea, it ain't half bad.

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