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A Sencha from Maeda-en

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Aroma mostly of sweet corn. There's a hint of roast in there too...but it's not always pleasant...it almost resembles the stale coffee aroma you get if you run hot water through a coffee machine that hasn't been cleaned in a while. Slightly sweet and also with some pleasant bitterness, and very little astringency. Totally lacks the grassy and seaweedy tones that characterize a lot of sencha. Also, unusually warm for a green tea and especially for a sencha.

I find this one retains a similar overall character regardless of how it is brewed. Adjusting the brewing time and amount of leaf affects the strength but doesn't appreciably change the tea. The temperature impacts the flavor but it doesn't seem to change much as long as you keep it well below boiling.

Brewing the way I like it (a little over 1 teaspoon per cup, 180 degree water, 3 min. brewing) this cup comes out a pleasant golden with a little bit of opacity.

Not what I expected, but a pleasant change of pace for a sencha. Very inexpensive (I got 150g for $4.50 in Philly's Chinatown). Although the aroma isn't terribly complex, overall this tea is pleasing. The main downside is the strange stale roast in the aroma but fortunately it's only faint.

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