Review of Rooibos (Formerly Red Mellow Bush)

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Ever pull apart a fresh new broom (the natural kind), crumble the straw and steep it up? I haven't (yet), but that's what straight rooibos reminds me of—broom tea, except with a red color and woody veneer.

Perhaps I share enough taste genes with ruminants (moooooooooo!) that the grassiness doesn't bother me much, because I've gotten used to rooibos and proactively drink it from time to time for its health benefits, the taste being tolerable. In fact I found the color, flavor and aroma almost identical to Trader Joe's rooibos+honeybush tea. Since the two tasted, smelled and looked the same to me, and since Numi's is more expensive, I rated the latter similarly, except for a notch down on "value".

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