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Three times since 2003, I have marveled at the smell of the loose-leaf black currant tea samples in Murchie's Victoria store. Zero times I've come back with any. Don't ask; I don't know why. Guess it just fell out of the line behind other teas that ended up stuffing our luggage.

Rectifying that negligence has been a pleasure. Though I ordered bags instead of loose, the only slight weakness of the bagged version (and it's not a problem, really) ironically is the aroma. Whatever wagon of black teas they selected to hitch up the black currant berry flavor (which I do love), it works. Neither the base tea nor the black currant essence dominate the other. It's a warm, friendly, yet firm and disciplined fusion.

The black currant seems to strengthen with each sip for several sips into the cup, and I've traced it to the aftertaste holdover. The aftertaste is berry-dominant and noticeably stronger on that side than the initial flavor, but that's OK with me. It lasts a good long time, and carries over seamlessly into the next sip. One of the best single-essence flavored teas I've had...

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on November 9th, 2017

I haven't tried this one, but I love black currant as a flavoring for black tea. Black currant is one of my favorite fruit flavors in has this sort of pungency and depth that makes it hold its own against strong flavors. My mom sometimes makes me unorthodox birthday cakes and one year she made a triple-layer chocolate cake that had a combination of chocolate icing and black currant icing...the currant held its own against the background of dark chocolate flavors.

And then there are scones...which I love with tea, and black currants are a great thing to put in scones.

I have had other black currant flavored teas, I like Twinings, and I would be curious to see what a higher-end one tastes like.

Tchuggin' Okie wrote:
on November 20th, 2017

Wow, those desserts sound amazing! It sounds unorthodox indeed, but I can conceptualize how chocolate and black currant can work together. Yum...

I bet you'd like Murchie's loose-leaf black currant tea. The in-store samples gave off such a pleasing aroma without having to sniff them too deeply or closely.

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