Review of Zaroni Assam Spring Natural Artisanal Black

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I thought this a top-quality tea, and both interesting and easy to enjoy. It was one of many samples TEAORB sent me and may be my favorite yet. It's naturally sweet, very fruity, soft and warm.

The leaf of this tea is long, wiry, wholly intact, and has more of a golden-orange color than any of the other samples from TEAORB. Before brewing, it smells heavy, sweet, and thick. There's an off note in the aroma though, something reminding me of fermenting fruit.

The brewed cup has a strong fruity aroma, suggestive of dried fruit, especially prunes, and is also malty. Flavor is very sweet, and mouthfeel is very soft...there's a lot of body but little edge or bite. When the first cup is steeped longer, there's a hint of evergreen in the aroma, but not very strongly.

I resteeped and the second cup had a similar character, slightly less pronounced fruity aroma. In order to produce a strong enough cup I needed to steep very long (15+ min.), and the resulting cup seemed slightly more astringent, although not unpleasantly so. Still, a very good experience and resteeps very well. Not picky about steep time or leaf quantity...tastes good any way I brewed it.

The price is good; this is a top-quality artisanal tea and I think it's well worth paying $10 for 100 grams, especially given how well it resteeps. I highly recommend this one

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