Review of English Breakfast - Ceylon OP

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Another tea I ordered at Copper Cup in Lancaster, PA.

Rich and malty, full-bodied, but not overly tannic, with just the right amount of body and fruit. Aroma of malt and dried fruit. I find Kandy tends to produce teas that have a classic British character, and this tea is no tended a little more towards the malty and fruity side, slightly more Assam-like than most teas from this region, but otherwise similar.

Steeped twice: I drank one cup in the cafe and took the used leaves home and brewed them a second time. I know I really like a tea when I take the spent leaves home from a cafe so it doesn't go to waste. It resteeped very well; the second cup was just as good as the first.

Passenger Coffee doesn't list the weight for sale on their site. It's a huge pet peeve of mine when companies don't do this...what are they thinking? So I can't really comment on value. But this is a good tea, for value I'd give it 5 stars if it cost under $10 for a 1/4 pound, 4 stars if it cost up to $20 and any more I'd say it's overpriced.

This was good and I'd drink it again, but if you're ordering in a cafe, because they're the same price when ordering a cup, I'd go for the Yunnan Silver Needles; it was more of an exceptional tea.

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