Review of Classic Black (Formerly Black Tea)

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The bags are individually wrapped, but in paper envelopes. The dry tea smells nice, but like a generic grocery store Assam.

The tea picks up a little personality when the water is added, though. It's not as bitter as I expected and it's quite a bit sweeter than I expected. The tea is mild, yet flavorful. It almost tastes like a Chinese black tea.

After a few sips, there's a noticeable, but not overpowering astringency. There's still very little bitterness. Rather than the heavy maltiness that I expect in Indian teas, the sweetness reminds me of a Keemun. It's good and has a unique flavor profile, but a little too flat to really be exceptional.

This tea is a bit expensive, costing nearly $5 for 16 tea bags. It is certified Fair Trade and organic, though.

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