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A Chai / Spiced Tea from Zhi Tea - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Zhi Tea
Style:Chai / Spiced Tea
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A good masala chai that tasted more like a traditional Indian spiced tea than a modern flavored tea.

This was passed on to me through a friend of my family. I've been wanting to try Zhi tea for a while. This probably isn't the type of tea I'd pick though if given a choice -- I prefer pure teas. That said, this tea was pretty good for what it was. I tried it with and without milk and strongly preferred it with milk, which is unusual for me but more common for masala chai blends.

Dry leaf smells very potent...a sweet smell, mainly of cocoa and spice...it's a bit too cinnamon-ey for my tastes but it doesn't smell bad.

Brewing it, the smell becomes more complex, although cinnamon still dominates more than I'd like. The base tea comes through more in the flavor than the aroma. I notice the cardomom, which I like. Without milk, this tea tastes harsh, I think not from the tea itself but the spices...they seem too much. With milk, however, the tea becomes much more balanced.

With milk, I notice the vanilla more. The cacao is always subtle, which I appreciate...it's not an in-your-face chocolate flavor the way some flavored teas are.

I thought this artful and well-executed for a flavored tea, and I look forward to trying more teas from Zhi tea. My only complaint is that the price seems a little high; if I were spending this much money, I'd want to be buying an artisan pure tea, not a blend like this.

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