Tea: Dragon Pearl Jasmine

A Jasmine Pearls from Harney and Sons

Picture of Dragon Pearl Jasmine
Brand:Harney and Sons
Style:Jasmine Pearls
Region:Fujian, China
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Review of Dragon Pearl Jasmine

9 of 105 of 54 of 584 of 100
SuperbExcellentGood Value

Firstly, this tea reminds me of the garden section of the home depot. Almost a clone of the smell(or I'm smell hallucinating). The aroma is extremely nice and is of course very jasmine. The flavor is amazing and has an undertone of a golden osmanthus oolong taste. Other than that, the jasmine taste is very smooth and strong while still being gentle. It tastes airy and has an extremely sweet taste. If it weren't for the price, this tea would be a solid 100.
Edit: It seems extremely hard to get the steep temperature and time correct, so make sure to be focused with this one!

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