Review of Jsd Assam Summer Organic Artisanal Green Tea

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Another summer Assam green that I was not a fan of and found difficult to appreciate. Thank you TEAORB for the sample!

Dry leaf has a strong aroma of wood resin, like pine, and lightly smoky, almost a little rubbery. The leaf smell is a bit harsh in the way raw Pu-erh that has not been aged can be, and I'm not sure how I like it.

The brewed cup initially has an aroma that doesn't smell much like food or drink to smells a lot like a dank basement, old upholstery, old leather. Interestingly though, when this passes, there are sweet floral notes. Like most of these Assam green teas, it is very astringent, and, unique to this tea, I found it had an unpleasant sourness as well.

I tried brewing gently to minimize the astringency, being careful to keep the water temperature low. This brought out floral notes, but the tea was then too boring and weak for me. Brewed this way, I was able to drink it but it sank into the background and wasn't very satisfying.

I was unable to settle on a way of brewing this tea that satisfied me. It was either too weak and thin, or too astringent, or in a weird middle zone. I will pass on this one. I'm hoping to find a Summer Assam green I actually like, but I'm starting to think I just don't like any of these teas. So far the only green teas I've really enjoyed from TEAORB have been from spring harvests, but I'm trying to keep an open mind.

This tea is especially pricey and I just can't see wanting to buy it, even for half the price. I am a huge fan of TEAORB's black teas; if ordering from them, that's where I'd focus.

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