Tea: Green Tea with Pomegranate

A Fruit Green Tea from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Fruit Green Tea
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Review of Green Tea with Pomegranate

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Mistakenly and distracted by engaging conversation, I grabbed a couple of bags at a conference, thinking this was straight green Bigelow tea as typically served, without looking carefully at the little red strip declaring, "with pomegranate". I still didn't notice upon ripping open the wrapper, dropping bag into cup and dispensing the hot water, since neither the dry-bag aroma nor that of the poured cup were strong enough to hoist the smell mere inches into my nostrils, prior to first chug. Therefore I did not realize this was a fruit-flavored tea until I drank it! The good side: no prior expectations for how it should taste.

The flavor was not very strong, but still pleasant—berry-like of course, but somewhat grassy as well. I guess the latter is a manifestation of the type of green they're using in this run, as I hadn't experienced such a veneer with their regular or jasmine green teas. After the surprising taste greeting, I had to try harder in order to smell this tea with success, by sticking my nose almost close enough to inhale the hot liquid. Then when I later whipped out the second dry bag, I had to stick it right against my nose to pick up the fruity aroma.

Not bad, not great...if you're seeking to quaff the micro-nutritive benefits of green tea inexpensively, with some fruit flavoring to soothe the tongue along the way, you certainly could do much worse. I probably won't proactively purchase the stuff, though, given all the other flavored-tea options that I like (and have rated) much better.

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