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An Assam from Upton Tea Imports

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Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Region:Baksa, Assam, India
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This is my type of Assam. An intensely strong tea with a brisk, refreshing character and a satisfying depth. Requires care in brewing though; this tea can become unpleasantly bitter and sour if steeped too long.

Dry leaf, broken but with ample golden tips, is lightly aromatic, malty, and pleasant.

Upon brewing this produces a very aromatic cup, strongly fruity, with a strong smell of wintergreen. I love this. The flavor is very bold and edgy, but never too much. Simultaneously warming and cooling, and very full-bodied and thick.

Resteeps surprisingly well for a broken-leaf tea. The second cup was thinner but still satisfying. I recommend a three minute first steep, no longer, shorter might suffice for people who want a mellower cup. Also be careful not to go too long on the second steep, 5 minutes max would work for me. I find this tea becomes unpleasantly sour and bitter, without contributing any more aromatic qualities, if you steep it too long.

Excellent price. This was one of the cheaper teas I ordered from Upton recently, and it's among my favorites. I could see ordering this in quantity and happily drinking it every day, especially for breakfast. It is quite caffeinated. The main reason I don't rate it higher is its propensity to become unpleasant if oversteeped.

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