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Pulled from a hotel breakfast stash (lower-case, not the tea brand), I brought a bag home to chug in my usual well water. Dry-bag and in-cup aroma were feeble, as has been my experience with most Bigelow teas (except Constant Comment, a major favorite). The brew got dark fairly quickly, tasting pleasant enough, rather ordinary base flavor, yet noticeably bitter. It's far from the worst hotel-provided black tea I've had, and I won't turn down some at no extra cost, but I won't be buying a box for home consumption.

Most teas I try have one at least somewhat surprising element about them. Despite its general blandness, this one did too: a long-lingering aftertaste that was pleasant to tolerable, but just would not go away. Twenty minutes after finishing, I still tasted the tea the same as if I had just swallowed a sip. That was a new experience. The tea consumption wasn't long after the morning brushing/flossing regimen either, so (in case you're curious), there was no in-plaque flavor residency involved. If this had been an unpleasant tea, I would have needed a strong dose of high-powered mouthwash to scour out the unwanted taste residue!

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