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An Earl Grey Tea from Twinings

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Just spent a week drinking this tea. We were on a week long backpacking trip and since She Who Must Be Obeyed likes Earl Grey I packed this. Drank it every morning. It was hot, caffeinated and quite enjoyable, actually. Smoother and much more bergamot flavor than the bag of Bigelow's Earl Grey that had somehow hitched a ride. It made some cold windy mornings quite civilized.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on April 19th, 2018

Congrats, you finally reviewed the most-reviewed tea on our site!

I also find Twinings' rendition of this one to be a bit smoother than Bigelow's, which seems a bit edgier. I don't often recommend teabags, but if you have a chance to try it I'd recommend Numi's Aged Earl Grey; it had a very bold bergamot flavor but the base tea was also rather smooth, I find it a little more richly aromatic than any of the other mainstream brands too.

Plowboy wrote:
on April 20th, 2018

So, I've made the big time! :-)

Thanks for the tip, I run into Numi's from time to time at museum cafes and it's pretty good. I'll give it a try. I was not a fan of Early Grey until I started brewing the loose stuff. Now I kind of like it.

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