Review of China Cangyuan Yunnan Organic Black Tea

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This was an exceptional tea and one of my favorite that I've sampled in a very long time. It was somewhat like other Yunnan teas but had unique lemony notes. Thank you to Simpson & Vail for the sample! I'm excited because this one sparked me adding a new sub-region to RateTea, it's the first tea we've listed from Cangyuan county.

Dry leaf is very fragrant, and completely unlike any black tea I've smelled before. Smells like lemon, kalamata olive, and herbs, with some malty notes beneath. The olive smell is very strong! I have no idea what this is going to taste like but I'm curious!

Everything in the dry leaf comes through in the aroma of the brewed cup, but it adds notes of cocoa, smoke, and roast, some of which almost hint at coffee. The flavor though is surprisingly sweet, and as I sip, strong fruity notes emerge. Flavor is sweet, with a slight sharp bitterness. Although the tea looks light in color and is smooth up-front, there is a pleasant astringency in the finish, giving it depth and body.

A lot of the tippy, high-grade Yunnan teas are too weak for me, but this one retains a strength and depth while also being smooth. Lots of flavor is packed into the leaf; I found I didn't need to use much leaf to produce a rich, flavorful cup.

I also loved how I felt after drinking it. Seems highly caffeinated, but without making me feel jittery. Fairly relaxing to drink. The resteep was just as good as the first cup, a rarity among these delicate, tippy teas. The price on this tea is high but I think worth it; it's rare I try a tea as exceptional as this one.

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