Tea: Guizhou Twist

A Green Tea from Adagio Teas

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Brand:Adagio Teas
Style:Green Tea
Region:Guizhou, China
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This is an unusually fruity green tea. The dry leaves have a strong floral and stone fruit aroma. The first time I tried it I used too much tea and brewed it for too long, and the result was overly sweet and astringent. The second time I used a little less tea and brewed it for around 1:40, resulting in a more complex flavor, starting with a mildly tart grape-like note and an undertone of cooked carrots and turning into a sweet plum taste that stuck to the top of my mouth and lingered along with the lightly floral finish. It's closer in taste to a light oolong than to a typical green tea so I'd recommend it to an oolong lover who dislikes more vegetal or grassy green teas.

For some reason this is categorized as decaffeinated here. I'm fairly certain it isn't.

Edit: I tried brewing this even more lightly, with less leaf and for 1:30. It tasted more like I would expect a lightly fruity green tea to taste like. I like it both ways, and the versatility gives it more points from me.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on May 7th, 2018

Hello and welcome to RateTea and thank you for your first few reviews!

I actually remember adding this tea to our site and marking it as decaffeinated -- at the time it was listed on Adagio's tea as decaffeinated. I thought this was very strange, and I can't remember if I reached out to them to clarify or not, but this must have been a temporary error on their end, because I see it has now been corrected on their site!

I've fixed it! Thank you for pointing that out! We really appreciate when people point out errors on our site so we can keep it up-to-date and accurate!

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any more questions about our site! The contact form goes right to my email! I hope you enjoy and I look forward to reading more of your reviews!

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