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Guizhou, China

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About Guizhou, China

Neat, regular rows of tea growing in a massive expanse, a powerline tower in backgroundTea Plantation at the Duyun Cattle Farm, Guizhou, China, Photo © kuaimei, CC BY-SA 3.0.
Guizhou(贵州) is an interior province in southwestern China. It is bordered by Yunnan to the southwest, Guangxi to the southeast, and Hunan to the east. The province also shares a very small border with Sichuan to the northwest.

Guizhou is ethnically diverse, and over half the province consists of autonomous regions for ethnic minorities. The province is rich in natural resources, but not very developed. Agriculture is important here, but the primary exports are timber and tobacco. The region has a significant mining industry, and exports a lot of energy, mostly generated from coal mined locally.

Although it is surrounded by some major tea-producing regions, and it does produce tea, Guzhou is much less well-known and its teas are less widely available on the Western market. The teas produced here include black, green, and dark teas. Tea does not constitute a significant portion of the local economy.

Styles of Tea Produced in Guizhou, China

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Guizhou Twist

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