Tea: Sencha Scent of Mountains

A Sencha from Harney and Sons

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Brand:Harney and Sons
Region:Shizuoka, Japan
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Review of Sencha Scent of Mountains

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Sencha Scent of Mountains is a very aptly named tea. It has the most wonderful aroma of any tea I've ever had (beyond Lapsang Souchong) and it truly is an amazing sencha.

The scent can be described as vaguely forest-y with the rich buttery background of a proper sencha. It's quite difficult to describe, but it is truly unique among green teas that I've experienced. The closest scent would be that of maybe a Dragon Well tea. The flavour is also quite wonderful - it's a very light buttery flavour, with warm vegetal and spinach-esque notes. However, for as amazing as it is, the price is a little bit silly. I personally paid $20 for 1.5oz of it, which is a bit of a splurge for me on a single tea.

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