Review of English Teatime Decaffeinated

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I tried this in another attempt to find a decaffeinated black tea that tastes like tea.

The dry tea bag out of the foil wrapper smells vaguely spicy if I hold it to my nose, but there's not much there. Adding water brings out a small bit of aroma, but nothing that really smells like tea. It smells lightly earthy and organic like dry soil. The tea brews up a rich red-brown, so it at least looks like tea. That's about the extent of things, though.

Since I've had a bit of luck letting other decaf teas brew for a long time, I started with boiling water and let the bag soak for ten minutes. The tea has a spicy flavor, like clove or cardamom, but it's still extremely weak.

In addition to several of Bigelow's herb teas, I do like the company's decaf versions of Earl Grey and Constant Comment because the flavorings are added after the tea is decaffeinated. The decaf English Teatime, though, is profoundly disappointing.

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