Review of Iced Black Tea with Raspberry

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The dry tea in the sachets is broken, but in decent-sized pieces. Pieces of hibiscus flower are apparent. The sachets smell like dried raspberries with an additional herbal, leafy scent.

Adding the water intensifies the raspberry. It doesn't quite smell like fresh raspberries, but it doesn't smell artificial, either. It smells kind of like raspberry jam, with the maltiness of the tea giving the impression of sweetness.

The flavor is really tart. The hibiscus is noticeable, but not overpowering. It's also quite astringent. To me, the flavor is like eating a raspberry and biting the seeds. The flavor of the tea comes out in the finish, which is long and malty. I'd prefer the added flavors to be a bit less pronounced to allow the tea to share the spotlight a bit, but I like it nonetheless.

The various Pure Leaf teas are available at several local grocery stores and are $4-$5 for sixteen sachets. The sachets are large and contain almost 3g of tea each (most U.S. tea bags contain 2g). It's more expensive than Bigelow or Celestial Seasonings flavored teas, but I think this particular tea is worth it.

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