Review of Gunpowder Green Tea (Loose)

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This is one of the cheapest loose leaf teas I've ever seen, so I'm trying not to judge it to harshly, but it's just not very good. It's smoky, of course, but not too much if the temperature isn't too high. The overall flavor is vegetal, tasting like cooked carrots and green beans to me. It's pretty sour and astringent, with a bitter aftertaste. I drank this for a while when I started drinking loose leaf tea, but now I think it's best used as the base for blends. Add lots of mint, ginger, chamomile, or whatever and the more unpleasant qualities aren't as noticeable.

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Plowboy wrote:
on June 15th, 2018

Saw it in the store and wondered about what effect the clear packaging would have on the tea.

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