Tea: S’mores Chai

A Flavored Pu-erh from DAVIDsTEA

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Style:Flavored Pu-erh
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Review of S’mores Chai

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Sticking my nose into the bag, I found the aroma of the dry tea pleasant and strong. The main notes were of cinnamon, hazelnut, and chocolate. After brewing (at 200 F for 4 minutes) , those scents were more muted and subtle notes of graham cracker and campfire picked up.

The taste and aroma strike me as well blended. The puerh flavor comes through without excessively standing out. I think this was a good tea to use with the given flavoring. All together, this tea is smooth and nuanced in a way that fits its description. I can also detect the marshmallow. The drink isn’t bitter at all and is a great level of sweetness. The cinnamon flavor becomes more prominent as the cup cools.

I received this tea as a gift, so I based the value on the online price — which is somewhat pricy. This is certainly a tea for an indulgence.

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