Review of Formosa Super Fancy Black Dragon (o)

5 of 103 of 53 of 554 of 100

Dark liquor, resteeps well, up to 4-5 times.
The first sip always mildly surprises me with its sweetness. It has a very mineral taste and there's a hint of smoke. I can kind of taste the advertised fruitiness in it if I concentrate, but that's not a descriptor that would have come to my mind.

I'm not generally a fan of dark oolongs like this one, and they taste kind of the same to me (although I should note that the intervals between the occasions where I taste dark oolongs are long.)
Also, if it's strong, it can easily make me a bit queasy. I don't understand how my friend can stomach cup after cup of tea like this.

It might be a good tea but I have a poor frame of reference and I'm giving it a rating on the low side because of personal taste.

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