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A Green Tea from ITO EN

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Brand:ITO EN
Style:Green Tea
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This is my sushi tea. It complements the flavor of nori well, and it's quick to brew and clean up because it's a teabag. Despite the name, this mostly tastes like sencha. It has a creamy, seaweedy, umami flavor. There is a very slight bitterness, which sencha always seems to have and I actually like in the same way that I like the bitterness of 80+% dark chocolate and IPAs, although this is nowhere near that level of bitterness.

I brew this in an approximately 100ml Japanese cup (not sure if it's meant for tea or sake, but it works for tea) for a minute. I don't drink mugs of sencha, and judging by the instructions and the weight of tea in the box, Ito En assumes you won't either. I wouldn't expect this to turn out as well in a mug.

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