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Like the others who reviewed this, I was surprised that it tastes nothing like the regular Twinings English Breakfast. I remember that tasting more woody and malty, with a bit of the usual Assam dried fruit note. This has some slightly tangy tropical fruit notes that make me think of Keemun, but it also has this weird graphite thing (I think someone else said the same thing). The finish is slightly spicy, again making me think of Keemun, and a little bitter. This honestly seems like a low grade decaffeinated Keemun with the other teas in the blend just masking some of its flaws: I would expect a harsh smokiness if it was unblended, for example, while I'm not getting that from this.

I prefer this to the regular English Breakfast, but it feels so close to a Keemun that it makes me just want the real thing rather than a low quality, decaffeinated, blended version.

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