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If you like both mango and green tea, you can't go wrong here. From my time in South Florida, eating mangoes fresh off co-workers' trees, it has been one of my favorite fruits and flavors. Murchies consistently cranks out delicious tea varieties; the other flavored green of theirs I've tried, blueberry, is a household regular now for us. So when I read on the web page for the loose-leaf version that they use real mango pieces in this tea, I had to order some.

The tea was as nearly as aromatic and every bit as flavorful as expected. The dry-bag aroma was great but not very strong, especially once removed from the plastic wrapping in the box. The in-cup aroma also is good, but not nearly strong as flavor. This brews up a tan to pale green color, growing more light brown and opaque after a couple of minutes (I do long steeps to drag out the most flavor). Not surprisingly, with real mango chopped up in this blend, it's sweet, almost candy-like with my usual dose of sweetener. Pouring some over ice, it's a thoroughly tasty summertime beverage. The aftertaste is somewhat bitter, but not offputting, and lingers a long time. Since I do love mango, this doesn't bother me.

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