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A Wellness Tea / Medicinal Tea from Yogi Tea

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Brand:Yogi Tea
Style:Wellness Tea / Medicinal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Whoo-wee. This tea's ingredients list might fill a Houston phone book. [I only slightly exaggerate.] I'm tired from reading all that. Perhaps that's one of its secrets to sleep promotion.

How could any of the cavalcade of components have much effect when packed into only about 1/4 of a dry bag with all the others? Or is it one of these cumulative properties, like throwing the whole kitchen sink of herbals with a relaxing reputation and figuring, "Hey, if any of these will knock ya out, all of 'em sure oughtta!"? Or put another way, does the choir sound better than any individual singers?

Fighting off the drowsiness induced by browsing the label, I tore open the bag and found a remarkably fresh, pleasant, crisp, complex aroma for one of these "medicinal/wellness" blends. The smell had better be complex, with so many ingredients. It reminded me, right away, of the mathematical formula [This stuff] = [(CS Sleepytime) + (Tension Tamer)/2]. Since I like both of those teas, that's a good equation. The dry-bag aroma actually was sharper and a little spicier than the flavor, which was a very mellow, smoothly throat-washing, sweet brew that still seemed like a blend of the two CS teas in my equation. It was very well-balanced, such that the only two ingredients I could tease out in flavor (with some effort) were licorice and spearmint: the first two. Whatever "skullcap leaf" is, I still don't know how it tastes, because that (and St. John's Wort, and Valerian, and others) simply blend right in. This choir is rather harmonious and relaxing to hear.

The aftertaste was the only somewhat undesirable aspect of chugging "Bedtime", as it lingered and gradually got progressively more bitter before finally fading away after about 5 minutes. Regardless, I would recommend this blend; it's the best Yogi tea I've had.

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