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A vacation motel/lodge at which I was staying in southern Colorado had a large assortment of Allegro teas, all of which I have tried or will. [I'm basing "value" off their stated online prices, compared to what one gets.] Here's the next in line.

By itself, this was a reasonably good tea, albeit different than expected. An unusual and perplexing chai in my experience: the dry-bag and in-cup aromas were noticeably spicier than the flavor of the beverage, which was more tea-dominant, mellow, and sweet. Stronger chais leave a warm sensation all around my mouth and throat, and this didn't. The basic flavor isn't bad at all; in fact this was a smooth, pleasant beverage, albeit not as strong as I had hoped, taste-wise. The wet-bag aroma was more like the flavor, the spiciness having disappeared in steeping but somehow not into the liquid (not enough to taste).

All the usual ingredients appear on the list after black tea (cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove, black pepper), with one noticeable difference: "natural chai spice flavor". What's that? All the other spices listed already are natural chai spice flavors! It seems pointless to add something distinct, bearing that name, unless the unstated method was to include fewer of the real spices and more of that flavoring to cut corners in some way.

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