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A Green Tea with Mint from Allegro - O Organic

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Style:Green Tea with Mint
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Here's the next entry in the dossier of Allegro teas obtained at one of our Colorado vacation stops. This is one of the few that I would consider ordering on its own merit...that is, if I weren't already dropping bags of inexpensive peppermint tea in with good green tea on occasion, to accomplish much the same result.

Neither the aromas nor taste blew me away, but they were pleasant, well-balanced, clean, fresh and refreshing. The cup brewed up a clear tan/green color that browned with time, but remained translucent. The quality of both the mint and green tea seems good. As minty green teas go, this has been one of the better offerings I've tried, but still could use more potency and pungency on both the mint and tea ends of the flavor (while ideally maintaining a good balance between them). To accomplish such would be straightforward; there's ample room in the bag for a more of each in the same proportion. In the meantime, I would drink more of this, perhaps double-bagging for a larger cup.

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