Review of Special Golden Black Tea

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This was a smooth, naturally sweet tea (even with no sweetener added) that had a pleasing and somewhat complex aroma.

We ordered four teas (two true teas and two Rooibos) at Socra Tea during our recent visit to Detroit, and this was the tea that jumped out and left the biggest impression on me.

Very smooth flavor, minimal bitterness and naturally slightly sweet, and strongly aromatic, smelling earthy and malty, with strong floral and vegetal notes. The description mentions a "tobacco-like" leaf, but there isn't much smokiness in the aroma. I drink a lot of Yunnan teas and tend to like them, and this is among the better ones I've tried, although lately the bar has been raised by me ordering more stuff from Yunnan Sourcing, and it's hard for a company to compete with them price-wise.

I highly recommend trying this tea though, if you stop by the cafe. It really stood out, and it's very smooth and naturally sweet, yet complex in aroma, so I can see this satisfying newbies and connoisseurs alike.

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