Tea: Egyptian Licorice

A Wellness Tea / Medicinal Tea from Yogi Tea - O Organic

Picture of Egyptian Licorice
Brand:Yogi Tea
Style:Wellness Tea / Medicinal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Product page:Egyptian Licorice

Review of Egyptian Licorice

8 of 105 of 53 of 591 of 100

I really like this tea so much! I enjoy licorice teas in general for their natural sweetness and this one in particular is pretty strong which I like. I know some people wouldn’t like it because of how sweet it is, so this definitely isn’t for everyone. I don’t even have much of a sweet tooth normally but there’s just something about the type of sweetness in licorice teas that I just love! If you’ve never had this type of tea I’d suggest trying it to see if you also like it! I find this tea very soothing to drink and it really calms my stomach if I have a stomach ache. The aroma is also pretty good, smells like cinnamon!

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