Review of Black Cherry Berry Herb Tea

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The first thing I notice about this tea is how fruity it smells! It smells like cherrys in specific, true to its name. I enjoy the aroma and wasn’t expecting it to smell that strong! This tea is also extremely flavorful and a bit sour because of the cherry, I really like that. It is also really smooth and not astringent at all. I love that it tastes like a fruity drink but without the excessive sweetnesses. I checked the ingredients and it looks like there’s no sugar or fake sugar in it at all, in fact all the ingredients look pretty healthy and natural! I drank this tea hot but I have a feeling this would also be really good as an iced tea. I would definitely drink this tea again, I really enjoy it.

Also, I wasn’t expecting this from a tea, but I actually think it could be a really good zero calorie zero sugar substitute for fruit juice for people wanting to cut that out. I bet you could even get a kid to drink this maybe if it was iced and had a little bit of sugar added (still would be less sugar than the average cup of juice).

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