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Yet another culled from my sister-in-law's large and diverse organic/natural-tea collection, which has included a lot of Yogi teas, this is one of the better-tasting ones from either her clay jar or the Yogi teas I've tried.

The dry bag and in-cup aromas reminded me of a generic store-brand green tea with mild spearmint, or a pleasant but ordinary "Moroccan mint" tea. It wasn't until after steeping up the translucent, tan-green brew that the lemongrass' influence showed up, and fairly strongly, to the extent that it met or exceeded the spearmint. So, in a nutshell, think of this as a fairly robust, smooth, easy-drinking Moroccan mint style, with lemon. The aftertaste was mainly green tea without much fruit or mint, as was the wet-bag aroma. That's probably a good thing, affirming that the fairly finely chopped product released the mint and fruit essences into the liquid efficiently and completely.

Similarly to most Yogi teas, this has lots of ingredients (ten total). As with other dry teas using added kombucha, I don't see the point of it, as near-boiling water should kill off most or all of the beneficial bacteria. The other citrus elements (natural orange and tangerine flavors): I really can't notice them, since the lemongrass is so dominant. I didn't detect the licorice flavor in any way either. Still, despite the rather pointless middle-lower flavorings, I enjoyed this tea and would recommend it on taste alone, regardless of any merits of its low-order dosage of elderberry extract as an immune-system booster. I can't say what the echinaceas do for this tea flavor-wise, either. Still, if you drink echinacea and/or elderberry teas for health reasons, this would be a good choice in terms of the consumption experience.

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