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A Black Tea from TWG Tea

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Brand:TWG Tea
Style:Black Tea
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I was excited to try this! Thank you to my brother Nat for bringing this back to me from the UK. I have known of, and been wanting to try TWG Tea for some time, and I was also excited to try another tea from Bangladesh. I was not disappointed! This turned out to be a very enjoyable tea.

Dry leaf looks kind of average, and has a pleasant but not super strong aroma that seems typical for black tea. It smells more like a Ceylon than anything else.

After brewing, this tea becomes more interesting. The aroma is mild but multifaceted. There's a hint of a soft, bready or grain aroma, but unlike the deep maltiness in Assam teas. More like rice than malt. There are toasty notes, and as I drink the cup, more and more wintergreen. Only a few hints of vegetal notes, if I pay close attention. The flavor is quite strong, with a pleasant but fairly strong bitterness and a hint of sweet, sour, and savory qualities. Very clean sensations on the palate, little lingering astringency. Although dark and strong-flavored, this tea is surprisingly light-bodied.

If I brew it more strongly, the cup is still quite smooth, and the aroma is more complex, with some notes of overripe fruit I didn't notice with a weaker steeping.

This tea reminds me a lot of a Taiwanese black tea, the loose-leaf Ten Ren black tea bar I purchased from an H-Mart recently, but it has more going on. It also reminded me a bit of the two black teas I tried from Teatulia, also grown in Bangaladesh, which makes sense, but I thought it was better than both of these teas.

Resteeps well. The second cup retains many of the same characteristics of the first, and in particular, the strong wintergreen notes are still evident.

I liked how I felt after drinking this; it's fairly relaxing and seems only moderately caffeinated.

The price on this, at least through their online store, seems a bit high. I don't know how much of this is the exchange rate not being favorable -- all UK tea companies these days seem kinda overpriced from my perspective of the US -- but this one seemed particularly pricey. I'm glad I tried this, but would be unlikely to buy this regularly at these prices.

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