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Seeing the questionable claims made by some wellness-tea makers, including this one on its site, raises my blood pressure. That rather opposes the stated intent of this tea! Fortunately that effect is temporary. It's wise to heed the last part of RateTea's description of Triple Leaf: "Some of this company's products are marketed in dubious ways, such as marketing 'slimming' weight loss products or referencing other health claims in the names of their products."

Regardless, I'll try almost anything once (or twice). I won't vouch for or against the validity of Triple Leaf's advertised effects, since I only had a couple bags and my readings are normal anyway. Nevertheless, after indulging, my blood pressure didn't plummet precipitously off the precipice to render me a pillar of pallor. It was unchanged. Therefore, I suppose it "maintained" blood pressure as claimed. :-)

The dry-bag scent was practically nonexistent, even when shoving my nose so hard against the bag that it tickled stray nostril hairs, then breathing deeply. That only heightened curiosity over the taste, as in: "Surely this tastes like something, despite having no smell." The in-cup and wet-bag aromas do exist, and they curiously reminded me of the oddly pleasant and refreshing aroma of hot, summertime city sidewalks in those few minutes after raindrops start hitting them. The taste was a little more complex, but mostly grassy or weedy, and reminiscent of that same scent of rain just starting to fall on a hot afternoon, but more earthy, as if rain in the desert instead of the city. The aftertaste is similar, and fades quickly in about 30 seconds. The taste, especially on first sip or after leaving for awhile then returning, also was surprisingly honey-like—an effect likely enhanced by my usual dosage of sweetener, but more noticeable than in most herbal teas.

In a nutshell, it's a strange tea—not one I would target to consume unless I believed the claims for the ensemble of Chinese herbs involved, but if I did, it would be a tolerable (albeit weird) flavor.

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