Review of White Vanilla Grapefruit

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Oh, this one is so disappointing and I love good Harney teas. The flavor is bitter and the notes are muddled. I was hoping for either a clear vanilla or citrus flavor, and this tea has neither. I’ve tried it both hot and iced; I don’t like the astringent and bitter flavor.

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Whiskey wrote:
on December 20th, 2019

Typically White teas are brewed with lower-temperature water. They can become very bitter (as can Green and Yellow teas), if they're brewed with boiling water. This isn't something that people tend to be aware of (particularly in the West, where Black tea is often consumed, which uses boiling water).

I make no assumption about how you prepared the tea, or even if you're aware of this temperature issue. I just wanted to make a note of this in case you or others might benefit from it.

Here is some information on how White tea can be brewed: (They say to start at 85ºC and move up as the tea ages, for aged White teas. Electric tea kettles can be purchased which have temperature settings so that you can brew tea anywhere from ~60ºC to 100ºC in increments of 5ºC.)

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